Salt Mine Sally

You displayed extreme saltiness within the confines of the chatbox and/or forums.
  • Points: 5

Gunning for Mod

For any user that is clearly trying to become a site mod.
  • Points: 10

Behavior Category

You can now view all available trophies for this category. (This isn't a trophy)
  • Points: 0

Gift Giver

Purchase Premium for any user.
  • Points: 50

Gifts for ALL!

Purchase Premium for 3 or more users.
  • Points: 60

Santa Claus

Purchase Premium for 5 or more users.
  • Points: 70


Has donated to the site. Thanks!
  • Points: 13

Premium Supporter

User purchased any length of a Premium membership. Thanks a lot :)
  • Points: 30

Nice to Meet You

Someone who is always welcoming new members in the Introductions section.
  • Points: 64


Someone who has posted 3 or more original, quality tutorials for any game.
  • Points: 71

Team Captain

Someone who is seen being fair and treating others with respect all the time.
  • Points: 155