Colorado GM mode year seven second round playoffs recap

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Matt Lee, May 3, 2017.

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    Okay, :col beat :stl in seven game. After :stl lead 3-2 series, :col offense has woke up.

    Maybe :stl got claude giroux on year seven trade deadline.

    Game one: :col3-:stl2
    Game two: :col3-:stl1
    Game three: :stl5-:col4. :col lead 4-2 with 8:27 minutes left, :stl score two goals to tied a game and lose in double overtime.
    Game four: :stl4-:col3
    Game five: :stl4-:col2
    Game six: GM superbman switch a goalie. Dipenta start and GM superbman change his forward line. :col lead 3-0 start a third period, :stl score three goals tied a game. In overtime, Jost score a game winner.
    Game seven: Samsonov has step up and get shutout to :stl. Final score: :col1-0:stl.

    Take that :punch :stl and EA voodoo sim. :col snap three game losing streak to :stl in the playoffs.

    I'm not sure if landeskog play in :dal or somewhere in round three playoffs. Please keep line against :dal. Watch out GEMEL SMITH will bite you lol.
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