colorado GM year five end of regular season recap

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Matt Lee, Mar 26, 2017.

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    In last episode, :col struggle to get more goals score and goal against per game. Central division standings was very tight race to make a playoffs.

    Today, GM superbman will make a trade. 67 pts for :col wasn't enough to make a playoffs. Here is a trade for :col.

    First trade
    :col: Illy Samsonov with retain 50%
    :wsh: Olivier Rodrigue and three prospect players with 2021 3rd round :col draft pick

    Second trade
    :col: Marc Staal and Kevin Hayes with retain 50% including 2021 4th round :nyr draft pick
    :nyr: Sandella and foligno with 2021 1st round :col draft pick

    Final trade
    :col: Nic Kerdiles with 2021 4th round :ott draft pick
    :ott: Travis Konecny

    Overall, I like this trade because :col lack of score a goals and goal against.

    GM superbman start to end of year five regular season sim. Now, he turn off auto goalie rotation. He want a two lost ratio for a goalie.

    :col start Illy Samsonov for a goalie but W-2L. :col 69 points is a borderline to make a playoffs.

    GM superbman put a pickard as starter goalie. Guess what, :col won six straight game. Pickard lose a two game. :col tied 81 points with :min and trail 8 points to :dal.

    Illy Samsonov was starter goalie game against :cal and :wsh. :col won two game then pickard start a three more game. :col clinch the playoffs berth and tied :dal 91 points.

    In year five regular season end, :col got 96 points. :col will face :dal in round one playoffs.

    Let's check a regular season stats:
    Goal per game: 10th place 2.95
    Goal against per game: 2nd place 2.45
    Powerplay: 25th place 17.3% :wtf
    Penalty kill: 4th place 84%

    For player stats:
    I'm guess all of players were chip in the goal score. Defenseman is doing great

    After trade acquire players stats:
    Kevin Hayes :col: 5 points +7
    Illy Samsonov :col: 4W-2L-1OTL 2.29GAA .924 SV %

    Overall, I'm happy that :col made in a playoffs. :col vs :dal round one playoffs on next episode

    My advice to GM superbman: Change keller playmaker to sniper because he's great goal score and little assist. Give another two lost ratio for pickard on round one playoffs.
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