Colorado GM year five stanley cup playoffs recap

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Matt Lee, Apr 5, 2017.

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    Well :col made to Stanley cup final against :car.

    Game one
    :col2-:car1. Cam fowler score a game winner in 3rd period.

    Game two
    :col3-:car2 OT. Jost score a game winner in overtime and :col lead 2-0 series

    Game three
    :car3-:col1. :car offense score two goals in 3rd period.

    Game four
    :car7-:col0. :well :car offense explode to :col with a touchdown. :col defense is a meltdown.
    Tied series 2-2

    Game five
    :car5-:col4. When :col lead 4-3 with six minutes left on 3rd periods. :car score two goals to make 5-4. I think EA sim was a big problem. :car lead 3-2 series

    Game six
    :car5-:col2. I think GM superbman should put Ilya Samsonov as goalie. :car won a Stanley cup since 2006.

    :col offseason: It's time to trade pickard on draft day and kevin hayes as well. I think it's time to shakeup for a defense. Compher has to trade as well and get number one overall draft other team.

    Get a med franchise goalie name Vitali Fedorov or else.
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    I finished watching it about 15 minutes ago and am still stunned...I honestly thought the Avs had done the tough part after squeezing out games 1 and 2 like they did.
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