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    So I need to stop judging games based on their trailers. I did this with Titanfall, Just Cause 3, Uncharted 4, and now Far Cry 5. Having seen some trailers, I blew it off as just another overblown marketable game to appeal to pre-teen and teenage kids. However after having seem some gameplay and, now having played the game myself, I can say that Far Cry 5 is my game of the year for 2018. Holy crap is this game fun. I've never played the previous installments, so I can't draw on too many negatives, but I'm definitely loving this game. Everything from the characters, to the free-roam experience, to being able to choose the loud dumb approach or the secret squirrel style approach.

    The story, is pretty basic. The game takes place in Montana USA, and one of these "religious cults" (that ironically go AGAINST the religion they're preaching) has moved into the fictional area of "Hope County" and taken it over. Most of the townspeople have "converted" to the faith (and by converted, I mean brainwashed) and there is a group of people called the "Resistance". You play as a deputy sherrif (you can choose to be male or female), and are part of a small group of lawmen to arrest the cult leader Joseph Seed. You can imagine how well that goes. When it inevitably goes wrong, you're forced to become a one-man army to take out the cult and provide hope. Along the way, you can get special AI buddies to help out, including animal buddies Boomer the dog, Cheeseburger the Bear, and Peaches the mountain Lion.

    I heavily recommend you guys check this game out. It's not too reliant on a good story (though the villains are buckets of fun), and mostly relies on the gameplay to keep it interesting. And boy does it work like a charm. Again, I've never played the previous installments, so I can't compare, but as a first time player of this series, Far Cry 5 is 10/10.

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