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    These rules are set in place to ensure everyone has a good experience while on the site. Do your best to follow these and if you have any questions msg @Domski


    Do this:

    Post in relevant sections:

    The forum is setup into different sections. When making a thread, post in the most relevant section. This ensures people can find what they are looking for. Depending on what is popular at the given time or suggestions from users, we may add sections.

    Be polite & friendly:

    This is a place where everyone should feel welcome and relaxed. Greet others and treat users with respect. This will result in a closer community which we hope to build.

    Share meaningful content & stay on topic:

    The forum should be a place of great discussions and opinions. Give your posts some thought and try to contribute to the thread the best you can. Additionally, all posts within a thread should be relevant to that topic. If you want to speak about something else, look for another thread or start one.

    Report users who are misbehaving:

    To clear the forum from the trolling/spam report any activity/users to @Domski This will benefit the whole forum.

    Avoid this:

    Language/Inappropriate content:

    Avoid using offensive language while on the forums. We want this to be a place of great discussions and opinions that everyone of all ages can visit. It is okay to be passionate about a topic, just try to express your thoughts in a mature manner. Any posts containing inappropriate content or profanity will be removed from the forum.


    Spam is defined as going around making meaningless, short posts everywhere or posting irrelevant content in certain areas. Users who do this will be warned. Trolling can be fun to do but avoid it. Trolling will result in warnings, then bans. Please let @Domski know of any of this activity.


    No users should be harassed or feel in danger at any time. Threats will be treated seriously and users involved with be dealt with accordingly.


    Posting in a thread only to bring it back to the front page of the forum is not allowed, a thread should only be on the front page of a forum if there is active discussion taking place.


    This site will not be used to advertise your own products or anything else. It's simple advertising = deletion of thread(s) and warnings given out.

    Illegal Activity:

    These forums shouldn't be used to conduct or participate in any illegal activity. This will result in banning from the site immediately.

    If you have any questions please message @Domski or use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.


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