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    Hi All,

    I'm a Pens fan, who once worked for the Blue Jackets and I'm new in town

    -props if you know where that line was ripped off from

    But really, my name is Brett, and like I said, I'm a Pens fan that is new here. I'm excited to interact with everyone here and hopefully learn to run my team on NHL team better on my PS4 and talk hockey.

    Age: 25
    Country: USA
    Occupation: Business Development Rep
    Favorite Single Player Game: NASCAR Racing 2003
    Favorite Multiplayer Game: NHL Series
    Favorite NHL Team: Pittsburgh Penguins
    Favorite NHL Player: Phil Kessel
    Favorite NHL Game: not sure if I should say NHL 99 or the 2017 SCF Game 6
    Favorite TV Shows: The Office, basically all **** Wolf-produced shows, Always Sunny
    Favorite Movies: Field of Dreams, other Sports movies
    Favorite Food: A big, juicy, home cooked porterhouse
    Favorite Color: Kelly Green
    Hobbies: Staying fit, coaching youth sports, painting on GIMP
    How did you hear about 2BCProductions? YouTube
    Anything else: I really did work for the Blue Jackets as an intern, Kerby Rychel is annoying, and Fedor Tyutin is one of the nicest people I've ever met. Could give you a tour of Nationwide Arena with my eyes closed. Philly born, Pittsburgh raised. Also not an annoying Pens band wagoner, Michel Sivek used to be my favorite player.
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