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    First Name: Stefan
    Age: 24
    Country: Switzerland
    Occupation: IT
    Favorite Single Player Game: not really a gamer, I guess NHL?
    Favorite Multiplayer Game: ^^
    Favorite Team: I took out the NHL, because yeah, I follow swiss hockey the most. I'm a fan of the ZSC Lions for about 18 years now and you can't imagine the happiness I felt, when I found out, that Auston freakin' Matthews played on my team. So if I had to chose a favourite NHL team, I'd take the Leafs. But I just enjoy watching NHL hockey in general.
    Favorite Player: Favourite player overall is Ari Sulander. A finnish goalie legend who played for the Lions and was a corner stone for the new found success of my team. The Lions even beat the Blackhawks in the Victoria's Cup back in '08 on his shoulders, so yeah, he was pretty great. If I had to chose a favourite NHL player, I guess I'd go with Mark Streit and Roman Josi, what they did for swiss players in the NHL is unbelievable.
    Favorite NHL Game: I spent the most time with NHL 15 on old gen, even though I fondly think of the hours I've spent creating the ZSC Lions on the NHL games on the PS2.
    Favorite TV Shows: Chuck, Breaking Bad, Parks and Recreation, Twin Peaks and many many more.
    Favorite Movies: Huge fan of "The Boondock Saints", but there are so many good movies.
    Favorite Food: Gotta love some pizza!
    Favorite Color: Green
    Hobbies: I love playing the ukulele and just making music in general. Other than that, going out, drink some beer, watch some TV shows and whatever the girlfriend tells me to do. :D
    How did you hear about 2BCProductions? I just stumbled across a video of 2BC and I was instantly drawn into it. Thanks to the GM Mode Commentaries, I've tried GM modes on my own with simming. Before, I just played every goddamn game and after max 2 seasons, I gave up. :D
    Anything else? Well, no, not really. I hope I don't write too bad grammatically, I try to minimize the mistakes, but in the end, it's not my first language, so I hope it's all understandable. :)
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