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    First Name: Not anyone's business
    Age: Old enough to be on this site
    Country: Canada
    Occupation: Experienced at not being on time for anything
    Favorite Single Player Game: Uncharted 4
    Favorite Multiplayer Game: NHL 14
    Favorite NHL Team: Edmonton Oilers
    Favorite NHL Player: Ethan Bear
    Favorite NHL Game: NHL 14
    Favorite TV Shows: How I met your mother, The Office, Sherlock, The Crown, Planet Earth.
    Favorite Movies: Cars, The Avengers, Saving Private Ryan.
    Favorite Food: Korean BBQ
    Favorite Color: Orange
    Hobbies: Loves to sleep, Taekwondo, loves puzzles, makes custom jerseys in NHL 18 in free time.
    How did you hear about 2BCProductions? I actually was a member of this site before but I forgot the password to my email and account so I made a new one, but I have not been on the site for a year. However I have been a fan since the end of NHL 13 and the start of NHL 14.
    Anything else: No
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