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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by AlClemBee9575, Nov 7, 2017.

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    So IO released a new update for Hitman today. This update introduces some new content via the "GOTY" DLC (paid separately), as well as the revamps the colourization of the levels (no purchase necessary) and menu. While I haven't gotten the new DLC yet, I have managed to get a look a the new level look. And I gotta say, I LOVE IT. IO has made these levels look BEAUTIFUL with the new colour scheme. Each level looks fantastic. The shading is well done so that areas that are supposed to be bright are bright, and areas that are supposed to be dark are dark. What I like most about this though is that everything stands out now. On maps like Paris and Colorado, the darkened skies have been lit up by a setting sun, making their backgrounds much more beautiful. What's interesting about the new colouring is that I've looked at random objects and items and actually asked myself if they were there before, as I didn't notice them. That being said, the new menu colour threw me off for a bit. Before the update, the main menu was red. They switched it to grey this time, making me think my game greyed out when I first started it up after updating. They also did that to the mini map, and your targets appear as red like they do when using instinct.

    Easy 10/10 for me.
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    Same its amazing

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