TOR Justin Faulk to the Leafs proposal

Discussion in 'NHL Discussion' started by DoctorOld, May 17, 2018.

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    Toronto gets: Justin Faulk
    Carolina gets: Connor Brown and Toronto's first round pick 2018 (25th overall)

    Toronto has reportedly been interested in Justin Faulk and the two players that I heard they could deal is either William Nylander or Connor Brown. Trading Connor Brown makes a lot more sense since Nylander produces more points. But I don't know if just Connor Brown is enough to get Justin Faulk to the Leafs. That's why I'm suggesting the Leafs to give up their first round pick to Carolina this year. I think they can afford to give it up.

    Too much for the Leafs to give up?
    Too little?
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    too little, Canes are not gonna give him up that easily, they are not that desperate to blow up the team. They are just a few additions away from making the playoffs and their main problem is to get a goalie

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