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    Hey guys,

    So with the Stanley Cup right around the corner, I've found myself in a position I haven't been in for 15 years. Not caring about who wins the cup. Yes for the first time since 2003, I don't care who wins the cup. Now in 2003, that was because I didn't know much about hockey and the fact that, at least in my mind, there was no better team than the Toronto Maple Leafs (yes, I used to be a Leafs fan back in the day). Anyway, with things going on and the recent IIHF tournament being done, I decided to do a little thing on Connor McDavid's numbers. I'll be looking at his games played, goals, assists, points, and plus/minus numbers. This will cover the NHL regular seasons, nhl playoffs, IIHF tournaments, and the world cup of hockey. So without further ado, here we go.

    Connor McDavid:

    2015-2016: 45GP, 16G, 32A, 48Pts, -1
    2016 WC: 10GP, 1G, 8A, 9Pts, +3
    2016 WCoH: 3GP, 0G, 3A, 3Pts, +1
    2016-2017: 82GP, 30G, 70A, 100Pts, +27
    2017 Playoffs: 13GP. 5G, 4A, +3
    2017-2018: 82GP, 41G, 67A, 108Pts, +20
    2018 WC: 10GP, 5G, 12A, 17Pts, +6


    GP: 245
    Goals: 98
    Assists: 196
    Points: 294
    Plus/Minus: +59

    So yeah, McDavid is kind of ridiculous isn't he. Hopefully, Oilers management can make some smart decisions in the coming weeks and have him back in the playoffs.
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    With $10,103,833 in cap space and your team looks like this


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