NHL 18 roster ratings was so garbage

Discussion in 'NHL Video Game Discussion' started by Matt Lee, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Matt Lee

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    Well! We know NHL 17 franchise mode and ratings was a bullcrap to ruin their game.
    I love NHL 17 roster ratings! For example, nick bjugstad: NHL 17 give 86 as 2nd line forward. When nhl 18 overall release, nick bjugstad drop to 82 overall as 3rd checking forward:bang .

    I don't understand why EA NHL 18 players overall drop everything except some players were grow overall.

    If I'm play NHL 18 franchise mode when the game come, I will change overall and make similar to NHL 17 roster overall ratings.

    Here is my example of NHL 18 overall rating change:
    First Line Forward = 89 OVR - 99 OVR
    Second Line Forward = 86 OVR - 89 OVR
    Third Line Scoring Forward = 84 OVR - 85 OVR
    Third Line Checking Forward = 82 OVR - 83 OVR
    Fourth Line Forward = 80 OVR - 82 OVR
    Depth forward=78 OVR-80 OVR
    Minor forward= under 78 OVR

    Top 2 Defenseman = 87 OVR - 99 OVR
    Top 4 Defenseman = 84 OVR - 87 OVR
    Top 6 Defenseman = 80 OVR - 83 OVR
    Depth Defenseman = 78 OVR - 79 OVR
    minor defenseman= under 77 OVR

    Elite Goaltender = 90 OVR - 99 OVR
    Starting Goaltender = 85 OVR - 89 OVR
    Backup Goaltender = 81 OVR - 84 OVR
    Minor goalie= under 80 OVR

    I hope everyone will boost at least one or two overall until NHL 18 come. Let's find out which players will be great performance on 2017-2018 NHL regular season.

  2. Mikhail Sergachev22

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    there were some minor details i disagreed with but generally i loved the new ratings and the system they fall under
  3. Leafer

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    Its a pretty good rating system to be fair.
  4. Quick32

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    They made the changes to make it feel like Fifa ratings and I wouldn't be shocked if they did the same with Madden next year. I really like the ratings this year because it shows the gap between the elite and the scrubs.
  5. Doomski

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    I think your roles are a little off. I think 82 is still considered a second line forward or third line scoring forward. I actually like this change made to the rating system. Feels more like FIFA and shows more difference between a Sidney Crosby level player and a David Clarkson type player, for example.
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