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    Welcome new members. Use the thread to view all the rules and Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the site and its features. Click the 'spoiler' buttons to expand sections.

    If you have questions, leave them below and mods/members will try to answer them.

    Rules - General rules for the forum & site.

    Do this:

    Post in relevant sections:

    The forum is setup into different sections. When making a thread, post in the most relevant section. This ensures people can find what they are looking for. Depending on what is popular at the given time or suggestions from users, we may add sections.

    Be polite & friendly:

    This is a place where everyone should feel welcome and relaxed. Greet others and treat users with respect. This will result in a closer community which we hope to build.

    Share meaningful content & stay on topic:

    The forum should be a place of great discussions and opinions. Give your posts some thought and try to contribute to the thread the best you can. Additionally, all posts within a thread should be relevant to that topic. If you want to speak about something else, look for another thread or start one.

    Report users who are misbehaving:

    To clear the forum from the trolling/spam report any activity/users to @Domski This will benefit the whole forum.

    Avoid this:

    Language/Inappropriate content:

    Avoid using offensive language while on the forums. We want this to be a place of great discussions and opinions that everyone of all ages can visit. It is okay to be passionate about a topic, just try to express your thoughts in a mature manner. Any posts containing inappropriate content or profanity will be removed from the forum.


    Spam is defined as going around making meaningless, short posts everywhere or posting irrelevant content in certain areas. Users who do this will be warned. Trolling can be fun to do but avoid it. Trolling will result in warnings, then bans. Please let @Domski know of any of this activity.


    No users should be harassed or feel in danger at any time. Threats will be treated seriously and users involved with be dealt with accordingly.


    Posting in a thread only to bring it back to the front page of the forum is not allowed, a thread should only be on the front page of a forum if there is active discussion taking place.


    This site will not be used to advertise your own products or anything else. It's simple advertising = deletion of thread(s) and warnings given out.

    Illegal Activity:

    These forums shouldn't be used to conduct or participate in any illegal activity. This will result in banning from the site immediately.

    FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

    I am getting too many emails. How do I limit them or stop them completely?

    1) You can stop receiving emails from an email sent from 2bcproductions. Open the email, at the bottom it will say "If you no longer wish to receive these emails, you may disable emails from this thread or disable all emails."

    2) Go to your profile, preferences, and disable the email options you want

    I am getting too many notifications/alerts. How can I adjust these to my liking?

    Hover mouse over your username at the top right, go down to 'Alert Preferences'. From here you can decide when you will receive an alert on the website.

    What are Badges? (What's the point/How do I earn them/Where can I view them?)

    Badges or Trophies are given to users for accomplishing different tasks around the site. Just use the site, post in the forums, play in the pick'em league... and you will earn more trophies. To view all the available badges click on the 'Badges' tab on the top. They are split into categories and there are a lot of them!

    They are primarily for fun to encourage active members. Go the the members page to view the leaderboards and see who has the most points. I will add more on a regular basis.

    Where can I view who has the most likes/posts/trophy points?

    From the 'Members' tab on the top you view leaderboards for all this information

    Whats Premium & how do I purchase it?

    If you enjoy using this site then consider upgrading your account.
    Your money goes to improving the site and covering hosting costs, so its very much appreciated. You gain perks such as -
    • Blue username
    • 'Legend' banner that displays under your name in the forums
    • Post as often as you like! You gain access to 'Bypass Flood Check' meaning you do not have to wait 30 seconds between posts like regular members.
    • 5 times as many conversation participants as regular members, 10 stead of 2.
    • Choose any color for your text when in the chatroom. Regular members chat in black text.
    • Gain access to a 3-line signature. It will display under your post in the forums.

    Why do other users have different colored usernames? How do I change my color?

    • A Red username means an official 2BC member. There are only 6 of us and you may know us from Youtube.
    • A Green username indicates a Moderator. You may message these users with questions or concerns.
    • Other colors can be purchased with virtual '2BC Coins' that you earn for FREE. This is explained in the '2BC Coins' section.

    I signed up with the wrong username! How can I change it?

    Private message @Domski, @King K, @Tpop or @PGen98 about the issue and we will assist you in changing it. You are only permitted to change your username once, and you must provide a compelling reason for the change, so please keep this in mind when selecting a username or requesting a change.

    I am a Youtuber and my username is blocked or in use. How do I update it?

    Private message @Domski and I will help you sort out the name change. You must provide proof to make this happen.

    How do I update my different gaming and social information so that button links show up on my profile?

    Go to your profile, go to 'Contact Details' and add the information you want. Links will show up under your posts and on your profile.

    What's the Pick'em tab? How does it work?

    It is a sports game where you pick who you think will win a game/series/match. There are leaderboards and we will updating and adding pools regularly. Go to the pick em tab to join a pool now.

    I haven't used a forum before. What's a thread and where should I post it?

    A thread is a topic that users will be able to view and post in. When you make a thread you have the first message and you can make the title. Look over the forum section and post in the most appropriate spot. Think about what your thread is about and where it fits in best. If you cannot find a spot for it or are unsure post it the 'General & off topic' of the forum in General Discussion. I can always move threads around so its okay if you make a mistake.

    What does 2BC stand for?

    It stands for 'Two Brothers Collide'. John & I are brothers and we started the channel back in 2011. The name has stuck ever since.

    Chatbox Rules - Rules & guidelines for the chatbox

    The chatbox is a place to have fun & talk about anything. It is more relaxed than the forums when it comes to rules. This means name calling, trolling, & acting childish is allowed. However, do not consistently spam as this ruins the experience for everyone. Some rules to follow are below -


    Spamming: Using an excessive amount of 'smiles'/characters in a single message. Sending multiple messages in succession one after the other for no reason. Of course, if there is a justifiable reason (ie, playoff goals), discretion will be used.

    Bad Links:
    This includes links to any sites 18+, images that are 18+ (pornography, shock images) any sites that are involved with illegal activity (ie, streaming sites). Warnings will most likely not be given out for this.

    Fake Accounts: Creating more than one account for an unethical purpose. This includes trolling a user, imitating a user and/or using the account to further your other account (liking your posts, replying to your own posts, etc).

    No sharing of personal information: For the safety of our users, we prohibit the exchange of personal information such as phone numbers and addresses.

    Pick'em - Explanation for the Pick'em game

    Pick'em is a sports game where you predict winners on a weekly basis. We focus on the main leagues but may include other events so check back often and listen for announcements.

    To join a pool, go to Pick'em, 'manage your pools' and join any or all pools.


    Once you have clicked the Pickem tab your navigation bar (red bar) will show as follows...

    • Standings - View the overall & week Standings Leaderboards
    • Manage Your Picks - This is where you will make your picks for every week, view the pick distribution, and see how many correct picks you make.
    • Manage Your Pools - Check available pools to join and see what pools you are apart of.
    • Hall of Fame - View Pick'em Winners

    At any time you can switch between weeks and pools from any page. Just click on the text with the arrows on the bottom right of the image below...


    • You have until the start of each game to lock in your pick.
    • Picks are made weekly for each league.
    • Prizes are given out for the winners.

    2BC Coins - Explanation for the virtual coin system.

    I installed another add-on a couple days ago. It introduces virtual currency called '2BC Coins'. I will break down everything you need to know about this new feature.

    How do I earn 2BC Coins?

    There are a number of actions that reward coins:
    • Make a post in the forums - §4.55
    • Make a post in the forums (Forum Games Section) - §0.25
    • Login to the site daily - §9.99
    • Rate a post in the forums - §0.87
    • Receive a rating in the forums - §1.26
    • Earn a badge/trophy - §8.99
    • Make a thread in the forums - §3.50

    Currently there are not daily limits to these actions. Do not spam or boost/cheat the system in order to earn more virtual currency. We will be on the lookout and users who are guilty of this will have their currency removed, first time.

    Where do I spend 2BC Coins?

    There is a shop where you can buy User Upgrades & different items. Click on the '§' on the top right of the page.


    Here are all the available options for you:
    • View Previous transactions
    • Transfer coins to another user
    • View available products to purchase with coins
    • View your current inventory of purchased or gifted items

    There will be different items you can purchase with coins. Some that let you change the color of your username for a set period to becoming a Premium member. Aside from User Upgrades there are 'Items'. These are used to collect and/or gift to other users for fun.

    From the 'Purchases' tab you can view your inventory. This is what you currently have. To gift to another user simply click on gift and fill it out.


    You can also view your Inventory from your profile page. You can view what other users have as well.


    IMPORTANT - Do not gift items yet to other users. There is no notification set up so a user won't know they have been sent something and this defeats the purpose of gifting. This will hopefully be updated soon.
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    I like the new changes Dom! Two thumbs up of approval.
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  3. Leafer

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    This was sortta confusing that there was no home button but i like it! triple thumbs up! haha:D
  4. Samee

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    Nothing about dislike spam.
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  5. JetsFan123

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    It was weird at first not having the home button, but this was a great idea. I'm liking the site improvements!
  6. TRPS NaSHTY61

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    Great update to the FAQs Dom! Also a correction: with premium you can invite 2x as many people in Private convos (10 instead of 5)
  7. Calgaryflames82

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    I actually didn't realize that the home button was removed until you pointed it out. :p
  8. Karl GZ

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    That fits into spamming.

    Don't we already have a thread for this? Anyways, great job,
  9. Frankie

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    Nice redesign @Domski I think this will make it a lot easier for new members to understand the rules of the site.
  10. braden holtby 70

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    it is confusing but good job dom
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  11. PGen98

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    It's a singular compilation of multiple threads which will, hopefully, be updated as we move forward and add new aspects to the ruleset, which will include rating spamming and double posting.
  12. Alvy

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    Alright Dom good to know there is some new rules
  13. MapleHawk

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    Nice thread. Great detail and outlining of everything their is need. Just like another Help page. Weird seeing the home page go tho but a nice add here.
  14. BlueBull

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    What Have You Done With The Person Who Bullied Me Into Saying Buk--ke?
  15. Alvy

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    Who was it?
  16. Dave Steckel

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    Why would you say that man?
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