Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer: A Few Things

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    So I've already given my quick-fire thoughts on the 1st official trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming, and I loved the entire thing. However on various YouTube channels I saw this trailer on (most of them reactions to the trailer), I noticed several common comments that people have made about the trailer that I feel I need to address. So here are a few things.



    Yes that is the Vulture. For those who don't know, Adrian "The Vulture" Toomes is a engineer/scientist who became business partners with a man named Gregory Bestman. Basically Toomes thought he and Bestman were partners, but it turned out Bestman was using their company to embezzel funds. He framed Toomes for the crime and Toomes lost his job. Using a special harness that granted flight, Adrian Toomes started to prey on the man who betrayed him like a vulture preys on it's victims. After successfully removing Bestman, Toomes because a villain and was one of Spider-Man's earliest foes. Now obviously that is from the comic-side of things. In terms of the movie, we actually don't know who Adrian Toomes really is. One fan theory suggests that Toomes is a disgruntled employee who was fired from Oscorp and is granted this suit from the Tinkerer to exact his revenge.

    Now the complaint I've read most is that, well, that bird-looking thing doesn't exactly scream Vulture. It looks more like a evil version of Falcon. Just for reference, here is what comic-book Vulture looks like:


    While this certainly is what original comic Vulture looks like, who would take him seriously? He's an 80-year old dude in a green suit with feathers. Sure he might intimidate you once he starts doing things, but if he was just standing there, would you consider him a threat? No! You'd be rolling on the floor laughing. In my opinion, the movie version looks much scarier. If I saw that thing coming, I'd be scared shitless.

    2. They're doing yet another reboot!?

    Where have you been? Under a rock? Yes they're doing another reboot to the franchise. However this one has some differences. First and foremost, IT'S SET IN THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!!!! #2, they're NOT doing another origin story. We all know Spider-Man's origin. We all know why he does what he does and who he loses that sparks all of this. He came complete with a pre-murdered Uncle Ben in CA:CW, so we won't see an Uncle Ben death in Homecoming.

    3. Who is Tinkerer?

    The Tinkerer, as he is called, is an inventor and weapons maker that was responsible for helping to outfit various villains with weapons and equipment. The Tinkerer was heavily based in Spider-Man's world, but he has outfitted and equipped various other villains within the Marvel universe. In Homecoming, it is believed that the Tinkerer is a former employee of SHIELD and will be reverse enginerring the Chitauri tech (recovered from the Battle of New York) to create new weapons and tech.

    4. The CGI looks bad...

    The movie comes out in July 2017. Next.

    5. Where in the MCU does this take place?

    That's an excellent question. While it's very easy to assume that this takes place AFTER the events of Civil War, based on the fact that Tony and Peter are interacting (we even see a YouTube clip of Spider-Man webbing Giant-Man's legs on a laptop), it's also safe to assume that this movie could take place both before Civil War AND after it. From some of the shots in the trailer, we can see Peter's original Spider-Man suit work by Holland's Parker BEFORE he gets the upgrade from Stark. Heck in the "teaser" released on Wednesday, Peter is wearing that suit before opening up a briefcase containing, what I assume to be, the suit worn by Peter during the aiport fight.

    6. Are we doing another MJ/Peter relationship?

    While it's no secret that this will eventually happen (Spider-Man is with Marvel now), as far as I can tell, Mary Jane Watson will not be in Spider-Man Homecoming. Many people have stated that Zendaya's character, "Michelle", will be Mary Jane, but I can't really say whether I believe it or not. As such, Peter's initial crush will be Elizabeth Allen. In the comics, Liz was one of the few of Peter's peers that would actually stand up for the guy. She would also later marry Harry Osborn (son of Norman Osborn and the second Green Goblin) and the two would bear a child, Normie (who later becomes yet another Green Goblin).

    7. I don't like the fact that Tony and Peter are interacting.

    And what exactly is wrong with this relationship? Nothing? It's perfect. Both are interested and well-versed in technology and mechanics, Tony sees a young version of himself in Peter, Peter sees a hero and father figure in Tony. To Tony, Peter is the son he never had and to Peter, Tony is the father he never had (with both his biological father and Uncle both dead). It's a perfect relationship and the chemistry both share on screen is believable.

    8. Will Spider-Man appear in Infinity War?

    That's very possible. According to Tom Holland, he has a 6-year picture deal with Marvel Studios. This include 3 Spider-Man movies and three others. It's safe to assume that two of those three will be in Avengers Infinity War Parts I & II.
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    The only thing missing from this movie is the Green Goblin tbh. Otherwise I'm kind of hyped for this movie, and plus the women who plays Aunt Mae is hot.
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