Superbia Basketball Association (SBA)

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    Hi, this is basketball league :p
    FYI I apologize for all the spoilers, just for organization

    Celtics (CookieMonster62)
    Grizzlies (Disdog and Dadanov)
    Rockets (Harajet)
    Lakers (NugePvP)

    During the regular season, each team will consist of 10 players, 3 on the court, 4 on the bench, and 3 reserves who cannot play during the game
    During the playoffs, each team will consist of 8 players, 3 on the court, 3 on the bench, and 2 reserves who cannot play during the game
    Teams must cut 2 players from their roster before the beginning of the game

    Each team will play 1 game per week, the game will be played on either Saturday or Sunday
    Year 1 Schedule: TBD

    Maximum Team Salary: $6000
    Minimum Team Salary: $3000
    Maximum Player Salary: $2000
    Minimum Player Salary: $300

    A player cannot be signed to a multi-year contract

    A team can trade using cash, but may not trade away more than $30000 in a single season (Starting at the draft)
    Trade Deadline occurs after all teams have completed their sixth game of the season
    If a player is traded during the middle of the game, they will finish the game and then be transferred to their new team after the game (Can occur at trade deadline)

    Playoffs will consist of two, best-of-three series
    1st Place (Home Advantage) vs 4th Place
    2nd Place (Home Advantage) vs 3rd Place
    The winner of each will compete in a championship series for a cash prize which will be awarded to the team's owner

    The original 4 teams will participate in an expansion draft to create their roster
    Each team will have 7 picks that can be traded at any time before the selection is confirmed; when it is confirmed with the commissioner it can no longer be traded, and the player can no longer be changed
    The draft will follow a snake system (i.e: 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1,1,2...)

    Teams may sign free agents after the draft to fill out their roster of 10 players
    1st: Grizzlies
    2nd: Lakers
    3rd: Celtics
    4th: Rockets

    At the end of every season the teams will protect any 2 players from their playoff roster to protect from a balancing draft
    The rest of the players will be redrafted to new teams in order to keep the league competitive
    The worst team in the league (Based on playoff results) will select first, followed by the second worst, then the 2nd place team, then the champions
    This draft will also follow a snake pattern
    Draft Picks may be traded
    There will be 6 rounds in the balancing draft

    Before each draft there will be combines to put players' skills on display for the teams to see so they can select the best possible players for the upcoming season
    Players that are not already on a team may attend

    Any player may also attend private tryouts with teams, whether or not they attended a combine

    SBA Rulebook:
    Don't worry it's a google document

    Combine date is undetermined but will be at Disgoof's Court
    Draft will be the Saturday after ten combine

    If you would like to be eligible for the 'Expansion' Draft, reply with your MC Username
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    looks lit. great work -W5K
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    Looks awesome-Moonbeam58
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    where tf is the shl equivalent

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