The odd Hfboards experience.

Discussion in 'NHL Discussion' started by Stephen A. Smith, Nov 9, 2017.

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    (Idk if this is the right place to post this but whatever)

    Today I made a forum on the HF site called "Should Vegas retire Shipachyov number?". An obvious joke thread, I even added on the poll an answer of "This isn't even funny". Minutes later I received a message from a mod saying a robotic message saying how apparently I broke the rules for spam. (Idk your opinion on "spam", but I think that's ridiculous.) I responded to the message saying just one word "Lame". Like 10 minutes go by and I get a private message from a random guy.

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    I seriously laughed out loud in the middle of work reading this. A mod used his alternate account I'm guessing, to send me a silly little threat. So I go to the "Support" page to tell the mods that some mod is sending threats to me. (Also, sidenote I posted something on my profile saying "HF took down my post about Shipachyov. Lol." and I got sent another warning for breaking the rules. I just stated a fact, and that's against the rules?) I write on the support page sharing the threat that I got sent. A mod responds saying "That's not a mod, I suggest you ignore this person". Yeah no kidding idiot. Ik the account is not a mod, but I know the same person made that account to send me a threat. Because why would a random person who I've never talked to before send me that lol. I responded saying exactly that, and he said some bs and that's where I logged off.

    Before you go on HF just make sure not to have a sense of humor, and if u get triggered make sure to send a meaningless threat.
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