Toronto Fan Comes Dangerously Close to Reality

Discussion in 'NHL Discussion' started by Doclaf, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Things became dangerous yesterday as Ontario native and avid Leafs fan Larry Hnidy came very close to facing reality and facts as he collided with other NHL fans on a Twitter thread.
    The brief collision between these sane, rational people, and Larry was concerned with playoff predictions for next season and if Twitter users @MatthewsIsThe2ndComing and @DartGuy4TheWin hadn't jumped to the aid of the defenseless Larry, he might have been forced to see reasonable facts like the fact that the Leafs only made the playoffs by one point last year, and even that was considered an overachievment at the time.
    Bystanders were quoted as saying, "Holy crap it was soul crushing watching this poor guy get ripped into by the fact that Toronto only made the playoffs because Stamkos was injured for like, ever." @DartGuy4TheWin went on record saying, "If I hadn't given poor Larry the link to that Eklund article saying Matthews might be better than McDavid*, I think the guy might have been forced into a rational way of thinking!"
    Larry is now happily rewatching LFR playoff videos and further convincing himself that the Leafs' rookie trio is the best trio of players in the NHL in preparation for another Twitter fight so he doesn't have to realize realities of life like that Toronto got ridiculously lucky in the draft lottery and it doesn't give them the right to talk down on teams like Colorado, Buffalo, or Vancouver, or that the success of Toronto can be greatly attributed to the fact that the players were so new to the NHL, opposing coaches had little to no tape on them playing together under Babcock, and that next season, coaches would be better prepared to neutralize them.

    *Actual article that exists.
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