World Cup 2018 predictions

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    Group A
    Saudi Arabia

    By far the least interesting group in the tournament (unless you are from one of these countries). Uruguay should be seen as the favourite but the question is whether Russia or Egypt will take second place. Russia has home advantage but lately home advantage has proven to not mean much in these tournament. Last time the host won the World Cup was in 1998 when France won. Last time a host nation went far in the World Cup without being one of the favourites was in 2002 when South Korea reached the semi-finals and they only reached the semi-finals because of poor decisions by the refs. Spain should have been awarded a goal in the quarter-final and the game against Italy was also filled with bad decisions from referees. I see Egypt as the stronger team so for now I have them taking the second spot.

    Final standings
    1. Uruguay
    2. Egypt
    3. Russia
    4. Saudi Arabia

    Group B

    Probably the easiest group to predict. I would be surprised if Spain or Portugal didn't go through. I have Spain winning the group but which country is going to finish in the bottom. For now I believe Morocco to be stronger than Iran so they take a respectable third place.

    Final standings
    1. Spain
    2. Portugal
    3. Morocco
    4. Iran

    Group C

    France is one of the favourites to win the entire World Cup. In this group they are facing Denmark who ultimately shattered their dreams of defending their championship in 2002. I do believe France will top the group but which country will take second place. When the World Cup is played in Europe, european countries tend to do better which is why I predict Denmark being second. I feel Peru has a stronger team than Australia and will finish third in the group.

    Final standings
    1. France
    2. Denmark
    3. Peru
    4. Australia

    Group D

    Arguably the group of death. Argentina usually get Nigeria in their group and it is these two countries I believe will go through. I'm going with brain on Argentina and heart with Nigeria as I always tend to root for the african nations in the World Cup. I'm just gonna write my final standings

    Final standings
    1. Argentina
    2. Nigeria
    3. Croatia
    4. Iceland

    Group E
    Costa Rica

    It's easy to predict the winner here. Brazil should laugh themselves out of the group winning every single game. The second place is trickier. We should not forget that Costa Rica made the quarter finals in 2014 and beat Uruguay and Italy on the way. However in this tournament I believe they and Serbia will have to surrender to Switzerland in the fight for second place.

    Final standings
    1. Brazil
    2. Switzerland
    3. Serbia
    4. Costa Rica

    Group F
    South Korea

    The group I'm mostly interested in. I feel like I have to go with my heart here and say that Sweden will take the second place behind Germany. I've seen a lot of pundits dismissing Sweden's chances in the group simply because we don't have Zlatan anymore but honestly not having him has made our national team much better because they play more as a team now. Don't forget that Sweden knocked out Italy to get to the World Cup.
    As I'm going with heart here, I'm just going to write my final standings

    Final standings
    1. Germany
    2. Sweden
    3. Mexico
    4. South Korea

    Group G

    Here it's incredibly easy to predict which country is going to finish at the bottom. Which countries are going through is more difficult. Both Belgium and England could finish first but on of these countries could finish third and have Tunisia sneak to that second place. I do think that in the end Belgium and England will finish at the top of the group but first place is more of a question. Belgium to me seems to be a team comprised of individuals and England always have their backs against the wall. They are always one of the favourites (according to themselves) but never succeed in these tournaments.

    Final standings
    1. England (yes I'm taking a chance here)
    2. Belgium
    3. Tunisia
    4. Panama

    Group H

    Difficult to predict. Colombia and Poland should be seen as the favourites but both Senegal and Japan could surprise. Senegal is one of the african nations that could go through and have a few interesting players but Japan could really surprise you. I'm just gonna write my final standings

    Final standings
    1. Colombia
    2. Senegal (going with heart here since I always root for the african nations)
    3. Poland
    4. Japan

    Quick knockout predictions
    Round of 16

    France vs Nigeria
    France to win

    Uruguay vs Portugal
    Portugal to win

    Spain vs Egypt
    Spain to win

    Argentina vs Denmark
    Argentina to win

    Brazil vs Sweden
    Brazil to win (I can only go with my heart so much)

    England vs Senegal
    Senegal to win (That's right England!)

    Germany vs Switzerland
    Germany to win

    Colombia vs Belgium
    Belgium to win

    Quarter finals
    Portugal vs France
    France to win (France will avenge their loss in the Euro 2016 final)

    Brazil vs Senegal
    Brazil to win

    Germany vs Belgium
    Germany to win (The german machine will take Germany to the semi-finals)

    Spain vs Argentina
    Spain to win (Messi will once again fail in the World Cup)

    Semi finals
    France vs Brazil
    France to win (France is usually a tough opponent for Brazil which is why I believe France will beat them)

    Germany vs Spain
    Germany to win (Another final for Germany

    Third place game
    Brazil vs Spain
    Brazil to win

    France vs Germany
    France to win (In the end France take their second World Cup title after a hard fought battle against the germans)

    These were my World Cup predictions.

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